10% Off Your Next Used Book Purchase

Please complete this survey, print it out and bring it to Gator Textbooks Inc. and receive 10% off your next used book purchase, excluding already discounted books! We thank you for your business.


1) What school do you attend?
University of Florida Santa Fe
NOVA University St. Leo's Other

2) What year of school are you in now?
Freshman Sophomore Junior
Senior Graduate Law School

3) Do you own a vehicle?
Yes No

4) Does parking affect where you shop for textbooks?
Yes No

5) Does customer service affect your purchasing decisions?
Yes No

6) Are you aware that Gator Textbooks is locally owned and operated by UF grad?
Yes No

7) Does the price of a textbook affect where you purchase that textbook?
Yes No

8) If a professor tells you that the book is available at only one bookstore, will you check to see if the other bookstores carry the same book?
Yes No

9) Do you prefer new or used textbooks?
New Used

10) Do you find study aids helpful?
Yes No Sometimes


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